Mammography is a specific type of low dose x ray  used to detect breast cancer earlier, and at its most treatable state.  Mammography is the only known screening tool that reduces deaths from breast cancer. Abnormalities in a breast can be visible up to two years before a change that you or your physician can feel on exam.  Mammography is essential in early detection of breast cancer.

3D mammography represents the latest innovation in breast imaging. This newly installed technology allows improved 2D and 3D images with the same or less  radiation used to obtain the last generation digital image.  3D imaging has been shown to lessen the chance of needing additional views from a screening study and in some breasts, improves the ability to see smaller cancers than what was previously possible.

Despite all that you have heard in the press and news, annual mammography exams are recommended for healthy women 40 and older.  Without question, mammography saves lives.   Some women may benefit from starting a screening mammogram exam earlier, or from imaging with sonography or MRI.   Women should check with their doctors if specific factors warrant earlier evaluation for specific recommendations.  Since cancer knows no age, race or ethnicity, any person- but particularly women -regardless of age, with a breast problem should seek guidance from their provider.

The folks at the Stephenville Medical and Surgical Clinic are commited to your health.  They have invested in the latest Hologic imaging technology to provide low dose, 3D mammography screening evaluations to the Cross Timbers area.  We have an experienced team and offer a full array of breast imaging and diagnostic services, including screening and diagnostic mammography, breast ultrasound and minimally invasive breast biopsies under ultrasound or tomography.

Screening mammography is covered by most insurance companies, many without a required co pay.  A doctor’s prescription is not necessary.

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