Breast Imaging

We are committed to offering a comprehensive screening breast program, accessible and available for the Cross Timbers area.  A screening mammogram is our proven tool for diminishing the dire effects of breast cancer, through its ability to find cancers at their earliest and most treatable state.  It is a powerful tool.
The American College of Radiology as well as the Society for Breast Imagers are organizations that now recognize that some women would benefit from additional tests to supplement their mammography screening.  When you visit our facility you will be comprehensively evaluated with the goal of providing you with a thorough and sure evaluation, which may include our recommendation for these supplemental studies.
Screening 2D/3D Mammography:
The American College of Radiology recommends screening mammography for all asymptomatic women ANNUALLY, beginning at age 40.  We follow their recommendations and suggest a baseline exam between ages 35 and 40.  If at any point, you experience a significant change in your breasts, a new pain, mass, lump, thickening, or dimpling please contact your healthcare provider for a diagnostic evaluation.  We will need an order from your provider if you are experiencing any current problems.
For this exam, the technologist will greet you and accompany you to the dressing area.  Your questionnaire answers will be reviewed to confirm your information entered.  You will be provided with a gown to change into and a secure site for your belongings.
Our machine is designed to optimize your comfort while obtaining the best quality image.  The exam uses a low dose of radiation.  Compression is necessary to spread the tissue and diminish the exposure but is administered by an experienced and compassionate technologist who will take every measure to keep you comfortable.  We ask that you wear a two-piece outfit and you do not apply talc or deodorant prior to your exam.
If you have had prior imaging performed at a different facility, we encourage you to obtain and bring copies to upload into our files for comparison.  We also have permission forms that with your signature we can send to obtain copies.  All your files will be maintained securely.  You can expect the results of your exam uploaded into your patient portal usually within 2-3 business days.  We will also send a report of your exam to the provider you list and send you a written note.
Breast Sonography:
Sonography uses sound waves to create images.  It is a painless exam that can be used for problem-solving, when there is a lump on the exam or on the mammogram but also is a powerful tool for additional screening.  Ultrasound can detect additional small invasive cancers in women with dense breasts that were not otherwise seen on the mammogram because of breast density.  Please understand that while screening sonography is a terrific tool it does NOT REPLACE a mammogram and will by itself miss significant problems.
Contrast Enhanced Mammography:
A newly available tool in the armamentarium to find breast cancer at its earliest stages contrast-enhanced mammography, or CEM has nearly the same cancer detection rate as Breast MRI and can be performed in women with significant breast density, those with slightly or increased risk, or in those who cannot tolerate breast MRI.
CEM requires the administration of CT contrast, thus it is not appropriate in women with renal disease or those with a significant contrast allergy.  A special series of low-dose mammograms are obtained following the injection that highlights areas of increased blood flow, similar to an MRI, sometimes these areas represent a hidden malignancy.  It is a short exam, usually better tolerated than an MRI, and at a lower cost.  It is a diagnostic study and requires a doctor’s order.
Breast MRI:
Sometimes a more extensive evaluation is necessary for breast cancer screening, or to evaluate the extent of known cancer.  Breast MRI without contrast is also available for breast implant evaluation for silicone implant integrity evaluation.  Our experienced female Breast MRI technician will explain the exam and tell you what to expect.
You will be lying on your stomach for this exam.   It may require placement of iv for MRI contrast administration.  If you have had prior imaging performed at a different facility, we encourage you to obtain and bring copies to upload into our files for comparison.  We also have permission forms that with your signature we can send to obtain copies.  All your files will be maintained securely.
Understanding Breast Density:
Breast density refers to the composition of your breast tissue, and it’s important because it can impact how well we can see potential issues on imaging. If you have dense breasts, it’s not uncommon for us to recommend additional screenings, like ultrasound or MRI, to ensure we’re catching everything.
Other Risk Factors:

Aside from breast density, there are other factors that can impact your breast health, such as family history, age, and hormone use. These factors help us tailor our recommendations for screenings and care based on your individual needs.

Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of these different exams and their benefits, helping you make informed decisions about your breast health. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if you’re unsure about which service is right for you. Your well-being is our priority!