CT Imaging

Our brand new CT scanner uses the latest computer software to obtain fast, high-quality images with a diminished x-ray dose. The images obtained are evaluated by a computer that produces “slices” or cross-sectional images of the body part being evaluated.  Unlike regular x-rays, CT allows for a highly detailed exam.  It is used to see the internal structures of organs.  It can separate overlapping structures to allow safe, accurate, and rapid evaluation.   Our CT scanner has the latest computer technology to diminish the radiation to a structure on a patient-by-patient basis while still obtaining a high-quality image.

What to expect during a CT scan:

Depending on the area being evaluated, you may be asked to drink a flavored mixture called contrast that will help to see the stomach and intestines. Certain types of studies also require an injected form of contrast.  If this is necessary for your exam, it will be administered into a vein once you are in the exam room. With the injection, you may feel a warm sensation throughout your body and have a metallic taste in your mouth each lasting only seconds.

Our technologist will explain the procedure to you when you are brought to the exam room.  You will be asked to lie on a table.  The table will move into the scanner and during your exam.  It is normal to hear whirling or clicking noises during the exam.  All you need to do is to lie still and try to relax.  You may be asked to hold your breath for a few seconds during your study.

Our technologist will monitor and support you throughout the exam.  A live feed will be on during the exam allowing you to talk to the technologist.